Music Therapy at CFCArts

CFCArts is proud to partner with AdventHealth to offer a Music Therapy Program with Board Certified Music Therapist, Ashley Lewis.

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a licensed and credentialed health profession that uses evidence-based research to design music interventions for people of all ages and abilities to meet non-musical goals in a non-threatening environment.

Music therapy goals work within some of the following domains such as : cognitive, communication, physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual, to name only a few.

Music therapy interventions can be designed to reach non-musical goals such as: Managing Stress, Alleviating Pain, Expressing Feelings, Enhancing Memory, Improving Communication, Promoting Physical Rehabilitation, and Promoting Wellness

What our program offers:

  • Development of psychometric tools designed to collect data from services
  • Facilitating of group music therapy sessions
  • Facilitating of individual music therapy sessions
  • Overseeing of programs related to music therapy
  • Consulting on programs working with vulnerable populations to identify best practices and behavioral management skills trainings
  • Forming of partnerships and offerings of services to new facilities seeking music therapy

To find out more information please contact Ashley Lewis at

Ashley comes to CFCArts with degrees in psychology from the University of Central Florida, vocal performance from Florida International University and a masters in music therapy from Florida State University. Ashley’s extensive experience in performance and teaching stems from living in New York City for several years working as a professional performer and music teacher at School of Rock.

Group Music Therapy Opportunities

Group Music Therapy opportunities are 60-minute group sessions over Zoom. They are based on common goals and conversation with like-minded individuals as well as music-driven relaxation exercises. You may sign up for singular sessions or register for multiple weeks of this program.

Artist’s Way to Wellness

Wednesdays 6-7pm

A free virtual group for local performers who are experiencing the emotional and mental impact of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on our community.

Email with any questions.

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Wind Down Wednesdays

Coming Soon

Join us for a music therapy relaxation exercise to help you wind down every Wednesday evening on the CFCArts Facebook Page, led by CFCArts’ Board Certified Music Therapist, Ashley Lewis.

Note – no instruments necessary to participate – performers of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities welcome.

Past videos can be found on the CFCArts YouTube channel or Facebook 

$30 Individual 30-Minute Session

Pay for 30-Minute Individual Session

For individual music therapy clients, click here to pay for a 30 minute sesssion.
$30 Individual 30-Minute Session
$60 Individual 60-Minute Session

Pay for 60-Minute Individual Session

For individual music therapy clients, click here to pay for a 60 minute sesssion.
$60 Individual 60-Minute Session