Central Florida Community Arts exists to build and serve community through the arts.



After years of music-making, the founders of Central Florida Community Arts, Joshua Vickery and Jonathan Cole, came to the realization that Central Florida does not offer many cultural platforms for ALL musicians to use their talents. Therefore, in September of 2010, they decided to begin the journey of creating an incredible community arts program. They began reaching out to influential people in the Central Florida area and every one of them responded with overwhelming support – thus, Central Florida Community Arts was born. Since then, many people have been working hard to make this dream become a reality. The organization was molded into a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity and a Board of Directors and a team of staff members were both developed.

After a successful kick off in February 2011, CFCArts performed their inaugural concert to over 1,200 people in May of 2011, with a choir of over 130 singers and an orchestra of over 35 players. That community choir has since grown into several separately-themed choirs with over 500 members total and their per-concert audience has grown to upwards of 5,000 patrons. CFCArts now also has a 155-member community Symphony Orchestra, over 100 children and youth registered in their programs for school-age performers, a top notch vocal ensemble called Legacy! that acts as the organization’s vocal ambassadors to the community, a theater program that showcases new and established works and the CFCArts School for Performing Arts, which offers affordable lessons and workshops in applied arts to Central Floridians of all ages. Most recently, CFCArts has begun a Young Artist Orchestra for instrumentalists under the age of 18 and the Musical Minds Choir, which – run in conjunction with location chapters of Dementia Resource Center and the Alzheimer’s Association, – is specifically for adults experiencing the early stages of memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

CFCArts’ success continues, they are confident about their vision and look forward to the future.