Theatre for Young Audiences Play and Musical Festival

This is an exciting NEW theatre opportunity at CFCArts that will showcase our young actors in premieres and new Theatre for Young Audiences productions! This hybrid play festival will incorporate both virtual and live (small group, socially distanced) performances of new plays and musicals, both from adult and youth playwrights.

Live performances will be streamed for a virtual audience.

Exhibits in the Zoo:
Mendel is an imaginative, bright boy that finds joy in the most unlikely places. The only thing keeping this joy contained is the German occupation of his home city in Warsaw, Poland. When Mendel finds a German soldier’s camera, a new world is unlocked for him where he sees things as he wishes to see them. However, his parents know this camera, coupled with Mendel’s inability to produce vocalized sound, make him a target. As Mendel, his parents, and everyone around them grapple with the dangers of imagination under persecution, Mendel refuses to let his dreams be crushed.

Eleven-year-old Charlie Reese has been making the same secret wish every day — to have a family in which everyone looks after each other. But her mom barely gets out of bed in the morning and her dad is in jail, and when Charlie is sent to live with distant relatives in a small Appalachian town, her dream seems even more out of reach. Yet soon, with the help of a big-hearted aunt and uncle, an uncommonly loyal neighbor boy and a stray dog who steals her heart, Charlie is in serious danger of discovering that wishes may come true in the most improbable places.

This musical is adapted from the New York Times bestselling novel WISH, by Barbara O’Connor.

Princess Bee and the Royal Good-Night Story:
With her mum, the Queen, gone for three whole days and three whole nights, Bee frets over missing her good-night stories.  The Royal Big Sister and Brother try filling in with stories of their own, but that’s Mum’s job and, anyway, their stories are too short.  Bee’s still awake!  At last, the King inspires Bee to search for the wonder of Mum’s stories deep within herself.  “Maybe if I listen very, very hard, I will hear one,” Bee tells herself.  Sure enough, she does.

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Pirate?:
Swordfights! Treasure! Baking! All this and more is promised by The Pirate Captain to her merry crew. Never mind that they’re a band of misfit middle schoolers living far away from the ocean. They have dreams, and determination, and a treasure map! A map that will help them find a proper ship and sail off to a life of adventure. But, can they unravel the map’s mysteries? Can they outwit the persnickety Nikki Pickett, neighborhood nemesis and hater of all things piratical? And, more importantly, can this crew agree on what kind of pirates they want to be?

The Frog Prince:
Prince Harris is the world’s worst Prince. When Fairy Queen Mab turns him into a frog, he needs a kiss from a Princess to break the spell. Princess Jillian is a headstrong basketball whiz who seeks an independent life. Can both overcome their differences to find their own happily ever after?


  • Premiering at 6pm on Saturday, October 17th


  • $20 per screen

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