The Seagull by Anton Chekov

An Audiobook Presentation

Adapted and Directed by Willie E. Jones II
Assistant Directed by Jeff Cook
Audio Edited by Ashleigh Ann Gardner

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov is a slice-of-life drama set in the Russian countryside at the end of the 19th century. At a picturesque lakeside estate, famous actress Irina Arkadina is obsessed with a callous lover, dismissive of her frustrated son, and suspicious of an admiring young woman. This darkly funny comedy examines the unquenchable human desire to live an extraordinary life and suggests that the line between greatness and mediocrity is perilously thin.

As COVID-19 began to alter our ability to perform live theatre for a while, the team behind the Theatre program at CFCArts leapt to action in efforts to continue to produce theatre even in the midst of a global pandemic, and that is how our Audio-Play version of The Seagull was born.

If you want to see our video-on-demand presentation of The Seagull, click here.

Cast List:


  • Spring 2021


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