Rock On! A Jukebox Musical Revue (Grades PreK-12)

Students entering Grades 3 through 12 this school year: Join us for the return of our Youth Theatre Companies with an exciting new show: Rock On! A Jukebox Musical Revue! This program will have an in-person option as well as a virtual option, so your performer can participate regardless of your family’s needs!

There’s something for everyone in this musical revue spanning decades and genres, from pop, to jazz, to rock and roll! Relive the most exciting eras in musical history through selections from everyone’s favorite jukebox musicals – from classics like Mamma Mia and Jersey Boys, to newer hits like On Your Feet and Head Over Heels! Our young stars, from our preschool performers to our teenage triple-threats, will dazzle and delight as they encourage our audience to Rock On!

CFCArts is a Gardiner Scholarship provider, and the Gardiner Scholarship can be used to cover program tuition! CFCArts scholarships are also available.

For students in Grades 3-12 interested in an auditioned-only theatre experience, check out our Youth Theatre Troupe productions, The 39 Steps (Grades 6-12 only) and The Sound of Music (Grades 3-12.)

Please click here for an extensive outline of our safety procedures.

Please note that both virtual and live experiences are available to our students. Families will specify if they prefer a live or virtual experience for their student on the Registration Form: Grades PreK-2 or Grades 3-12.

Please email Director of Education – Youth Programs and Academy, Leah Porrata, at with any questions.

The Live Companies will rehearse on Mondays from January 11 to March 8 at Calvary Orlando (1199 Clay St., Winter Park) in the Education Center/Calvary Kids Building. Rehearsals will take place at the following times:

  • Jr. Company (Grades PreK-2): 5:15-6:45 PM (1.5 hours)
  • Elementary Company (Grades 3-5): 5:30-7:30 PM (2 hours)
  • Middle and High School Company (Grades 6-12): 5:30-8 PM (2.5 hours)

The Virtual Companies will rehearsal Wednesdays from January 13 to March 3 online via Zoom. Rehearsals will take place at the following times:

  • Virtual Jr. Company (Grades PreK-2): 5:15-6:15 PM (1 hour)
  • Virtual Company (Grades 3-12): 5:30-7 PM (1.5 hours)

Tech and dress rehearsals will take place at the following days and times for in-person students only at Trinity Preparatory School (5700 Trinity Prep Ln, Winter Park.) 

  • Jr. Company (Grades PreK-2): 
    • Thursday, March 11, 5:15-7 PM
  • Elementary, Middle, and High School Companies (Grades 3-12): 
    • Wednesday, March 10, 5:15-8 PM
    • Thursday, March 11, 5:15-8 PM

All cast must attend all their scheduled tech and dress rehearsals and performances or they will not be able to perform.

Live performances will take place on Friday, March 12 at 6:30 PM, and Saturday, March 13 at 11 AM at Trinity Preparatory School (5700 Trinity Prep Ln, Winter Park.) Audience members may purchase in-person tickets on the event page and may attend following our safety procedures.

Virtual performances will take place entirely via video for a virtual audience. Virtual performers may also purchase an in-person ticket to view the live event if desired.

Tuition for all performers is as follows: (scholarships and payment plans available; see below.)

  • Jr. Company (Grades PreK-2, in-person): $100
  • Elementary Company (Grades 3-5, in-person): $125
  • Middle and High School Company (Grades 6-12, in-person): $150
  • Virtual Jr. Company (Grades PreK-2): $50
  • Virtual Company (Grades 3-12): $75

There are four ways to cover tuition:

  • Complete the tuition payment in full via PayPal using the links above, or by mailing a check (made out to CFCArts) to PO Box 720517 Orlando, FL 32872 (please email once check is posted.)
  • Reach out to to set up a tuition payment plan. The first installment will be due no later than Monday, January 18. The final installment will be due no later than Wednesday, March 3. Installment payments may be made online via PayPal (a link will be provided) or by mailing a check (made out to CFCArts) to PO Box 720517 Orlando, FL 32872 (please email once check is posted, and be sure to set up your payment plan with us first.)
  • To use a Gardiner Scholarship, please email with your student’s ID number. Please note if your Gardiner Scholarship is through AAA or Step Up for Students (SUFS.)
  • Complete the Scholarship Application to be considered for a scholarship for this program.

Auditions will take place on January 7-9 and are fully optional for Grades 3-12. (Students in Grades PreK-2 may not audition in advance.) These auditions will determine speaking roles, solos, and featured dance parts. Students may audition for our Troupe productions, The 39 Steps (Grades 6-12 only) and The Sound of Music (Grades 3-12) at the same time if desired.

Auditions are only for the in-person Companies. Virtual participants need not audition!

Auditions are for placement only – there’s a role for all actors in this production!

If your young actor wishes to participate without auditioning, that is completely fine! You will be able to note that preference on your student’s Registration Form: PreK-2 or Grades 3-12.

We are happy to find a place in this production for your young performer, even if they are audition-shy!

Click here for a list of character descriptions!

Audition blocks:
Audition blocks are listed below, and you can select which one your student will attend on your student’s Registration Form: Grades 3-12.

  • Block A – Thursday, January 7, 5-8 PM
  • Block B – Friday, January 8, 6-9 PM
  • Block C – Saturday, January 9, 9 AM-12 PM
  • Block D – Saturday, January 9, 1-4 PM
  • Block E – Saturday, January 9, 5-8 PM

How to prepare:

  • Fill out your student’s Registration Form: Grades 3-12. Headshots and resumes are encouraged as well, and can be emailed to Please do not bring hard copies to your audition.
  • Prepare and memorize a 16 to 32-bar selection from a musical theatre song. Please do not sing selections from The Sound of Music.
  • Please bring sheet music, three-hole-punched, double-sided, and in a three-ring binder. An accompanist will be provided. Tracks may not be used. Students may not sing a cappella (without accompaniment.)
  • Please bring a water bottle. Mess-free, nut-free snacks are permitted to be eaten during breaks only. Gum is not permitted.
  • Please wear proper attire for a dance audition. Dance or athletic shoes required. No restrictive attire, open-toed shoes, flip-flops/sandals, heels, or skirts/dresses without leggings or shorts beneath.
  • No monologue is required. All auditioners will participate in cold readings from The Sound of Music and/or The 39 Steps, even if not auditioning for those productions. The scripts will be emailed to all auditioners at least two days prior to the auditions.
  • Auditions, as well as rehearsals, are closed to parents, family members, and other visitors. For safety reasons, only students and approved staff/volunteers are permitted.
  • If your student would like some help preparing for their audition, the CFCArts Academy is here to help with Virtual Private Lessons in audition prep covering acting, voice, and/or dance coaching! Lessons can be one-time (called “Flex”) or you can set up recurring lessons if you prefer. Contact to register!

How to register:

Please follow these steps to register your student.

  • Please register for an audition by filling out the Registration Form: PreK-2 or Grades 3-12. (If your student does not wish to audition, you may note this on the Registration Form as well.)

Students new to CFCArts will need to fill out the CFCArts Membership Application.

Register PreK-2
Register Grades 3-12

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