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In 2015, Central Florida Community Arts launched the first full season of the Theatre program. Different than the Summer Broadway Series, the year-round Theatre program is housed in a small Blackbox Theatre setting, giving patrons a more intimate, in-your-face theatrical experience. CFCArts Theatre seeks to produce theatre that appeals to a wide variety of audiences. In each production, we look for a fresh perspective in already established plays and musicals. Stay tuned for more information about the future of CFCArts Theatre.

About the Director

The Future of CFCArts Theatre

As a community theatre we are renewing a commitment to the following principles:

Education: A place to learn

  • Incubator program that will help start-up organizations take shape
  • Workshops and classes in partnership with the CFCArts Academy 
  • Mentorships
  • Internships
  • School partnerships 
  • Professional development opportunities

Community: A place to connect and serve

  • Complimentary tickets for artists to attend shows together 
  • Theatre mixers
  • Cast reunion cabarets and performance opportunities
  • Service projects 
  • Volunteer opportunities

Exploration: A place for a safe space on stage

  • Transparent casting 
  • Clear expectations 
  • Friendraisers 
  • Opportunities to discover untapped talents 
  • Providing training grounds 

Conversation That Matters: A place for intentional programming

  • New works
  • Discussing current events 
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Social justice 
  • Creating empathy and understanding through perspective 

Community Accessibility: Many places for geographic accessibility

  • Mobilized programs
  • Various venues and locations
  • Non-traditional spaces 
  • Creating and maintaining equity and access 

Spring 2021 Theatre Auditions

Auditions have ended for this production.

Auditions have ended for this production.

Auditions have ended for this production.

Auditions will be open from April 5-16. Please visit CFCArts.com/Auditions for more information.

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