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The arts are essential to the lives of people of all ages and a powerful tool for building community.

Join Joshua Vickery, Founder & Executive Director of Central Florida Community Arts, as he interviews guests who are changing the world through the arts, one life at a time. Whether you want to learn about creating community through the arts, be moved by the stories of our people, or be inspired to make a change in your community, this is the podcast for you.

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1712, 2020

Rosene Johnson, Executive Director of PACE Center for Girls, joins Joshua Vickery as they discuss the change-making power of the arts and the partnership that strengthens it.

1911, 2020

From a young Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol to CFCArts Board Chair and Associate Vice President at Seminole State College of Florida, Stephen Summers speaks on the shared experiences in the arts that play a crucial part of our humanity and how we connect as humans.

1510, 2020

Disney Leader and CFCArts Director of Casting Jeff Lindberg shares his early love for theme park entertainment and gives his unique perspective on what will drive the arts through these current times.

309, 2020

CFCArts resident music therapist Ashley Lewis joins Joshua Vickery as she explores “the pull” of the arts on our lives and how it ultimately led to her career in the arts today.

608, 2020

Father, husband, drummer, and former board chair Chad Faulkenberry discusses the service-minded nature of an artist and why arts make us better people.

2307, 2020

Choir teacher, worship leader, and co-founder of CFCArts, Jonathan Cole joins Joshua Vickery as they discuss the beginnings of what we now know as Central Florida Community Arts.

1607, 2020

Music and theatre teacher Erin Boone joins Joshua Vickery to reminisce on her defining moments as an educator in her journey of becoming fearless.

907, 2020

Artist and educator Jamaal Solomon joins Joshua Vickery to tell his story of performance through church, military, and within the “juggernaut” of CFCArts. Originally recorded in late June, 2020.

207, 2020

CFCArts Director of Choral Programs Brandon Fender describes the artist’s life through the lens of his own musical upbringing and discusses the influence of CFCArts in artistic community-building.

2506, 2020

Joshua Vickery joins Leah Porrata, CFCArts Director of Education, Youth Programs & Academy, as they take a look back at her theatre influences, artistic impact, and stories of change-making within the organization. This episode was recorded in early May 2020.

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