Unity Back in CommUNITY, Inc. Presents

Cece Teneal’s ICONS

Cece Teneal’s ICONS celebrates 20 years of arts and entertainment of Central Florida’s homegrown and internationally known blues-centric soprano Cece Teneal. Featuring the Central Florida Community Arts (CFCArts) Orchestra and Choir, ICONS is a celebration to recognize ICONS who are pioneers for the preservation and advancement of performing arts in Central Florida.

ICONS will bring together world-class singers, dynamic musicians, and provide a space for Inspiring and Celebrating Orlando’s Notable Servants of the performing arts community. Attendees reminisce on the good times of 20 years of entertainment by Cece Teneal and Soul Kamotion, and their souls will be fed with the sounds of R&B, blues, jazz, and soul tunes that have helped to shape the arts and entertainment culture in Central Florida.

Event proceeds will benefit Central Florida Community Arts.

Effective Sunday, March 13: Masks will be optional for all members and patrons at CFCArts rehearsals and events. In the case where a partner venue has a more stringent policy regarding masks, CFCArts will defer to the policy of the partner venue and will clearly communicate this to impacted members and patrons. We will continue to monitor local transmission levels and seek the input and advice of local, state, and national agencies and will adjust the policy, potentially reinstating a mask requirement, if it becomes apparent that it is necessary for the safety of our members and patrons.



  • September 17 at 7pm


  • Starting at $25