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Episode 11: A Gift to Share

Artist and educator Jamaal Solomon joins Joshua Vickery to tell his story of performance through church, military, and within the "juggernaut" of CFCArts. Originally recorded in late June, 2020.

Episode 11: A Gift to Share2020-07-09T15:52:11-04:00

Episode 10: An Artist’s Identity

CFCArts Director of Choral Programs Brandon Fender describes the artist's life through the lens of his own musical upbringing and discusses the influence of CFCArts in artistic community-building.

Episode 10: An Artist’s Identity2020-07-02T10:36:35-04:00

Episode 9: Theatre for All

Joshua Vickery joins Leah Porrata, CFCArts Director of Education, Youth Programs & Academy, as they take a look back at her theatre influences, artistic impact, and stories of change-making within the organization. This episode was recorded in early May 2020.

Episode 9: Theatre for All2020-06-25T11:12:52-04:00

Episode 8: Rediscovering Your Musicianship

CFCArts board member and orchestra musician LaTasha Barnes joins Joshua Vickery to discuss her artistic journey in picking up her flute again. This podcast was recorded in early May.

Episode 8: Rediscovering Your Musicianship2020-06-18T14:25:23-04:00

Episode 7: Fostering Growth

Former CFCArts board chair Sara Brady joins Joshua Vickery to discuss the business side of growing a performing arts non-profit. Originally recorded in early May, 2020.

Episode 7: Fostering Growth2020-06-09T14:55:31-04:00

Episode 6: One Teacher

Donald Rupe, Founder and Director of the CFCArts Theatre, joins Joshua Vickery to talk about how one committed performing arts teacher changed his life, sending him on a journey to become a theatre director and writer. Originally recorded in early May, 2020.

Episode 6: One Teacher2020-06-03T23:14:32-04:00

Episode 5: The Value of a Creative Family

Rob Lott, a member of the professional artist community of Central Florida for over 10 years, discusses the “core values” of his family, his life as a performer and director, and how those guided the path of Central Florida Community Arts.

Episode 5: The Value of a Creative Family2020-05-28T19:14:54-04:00

Episode 4: Arts for All Youth

Joshua Vickery interviews Katherine Gray, founder of the children and youth arts programs at CFCArts. She discusses the beginnings of building a safe and welcoming home for students of all ages and the stories that come out of that commitment.

Episode 4: Arts for All Youth2020-05-20T23:57:49-04:00

Episode 3: Symphonic Music for the Community

Joshua Vickery welcomes Justin Muchoney, the Music Director of the CFCArts Symphony Orchestra, to discuss his journey as an artist, conductor, and leader of one of the largest community orchestras in the country.

Episode 3: Symphonic Music for the Community2020-05-13T13:26:17-04:00

Episode 2: Arts for Vulnerable Communities

Joshua Vickery is joined this week by CFCArts Director of Education Kaileigh Anne Tayek, who oversees program development and research for her organization's work with vulnerable populations.

Episode 2: Arts for Vulnerable Communities2020-05-05T15:07:06-04:00