Before They Were Stars: The CFCArts Staff Takes Center Stage

Ticket cost is a donation to CFCArts general operating support. Every gift given above that amount goes toward our Annual Scholarship Drive.

This year, to kick off our Annual Summer Scholarship Drive, the CFCArts Team wants to entertain you with a cabaret! Join us at Before They Were Stars to hear the stories and songs that shaped the CFCArts team you know and love into the *stars* they are today!
Make sure to pay the cost of your ticket at time of purchase to secure your seat!
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If you have any questions, please call Russell at 407-937-1800 ext 706.


  • Friday, May 4 2018
    6pm and 8:30pm


  • $50 Prime Seating – Guaranteed seating in the center.

  • $25 Standard Seating

  • $15 General Seating