Arts experiences offered for little or no cost to the community including virtual and partner based programming for under resourced populations.

Arts in Action

A variety of classes for older adults offered in partnership with community partners. Learn how you can bring a class to your community below.

Arts & Health Collective

A group of higher education, service providers, arts organizations, and health care professionals that together provide a continuum of services, arts education and experiences for a lifetime.

Caring for the Caregiver Seminar

This two-hour seminar is designed to use theater as a catalyst for caregivers to identify the thoughts and feelings that accompany caregiving. While caregiving is a challenging journey, the focus of the seminar is to encourage the caregiver to take time for self care and to identify the positive learnings they experience during caregiving.

Virtual Workshops & Classes

CFCArts is offering virtual and in-person classes for free through support from the Universal Orlando Foundation for all different disciplines of the performing arts.

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Artist Toolbox – These classes taught by professionals in their field and are for teens, adults, and seniors who want to grow as artists.
Family Arts – These classes are designed to be enjoyed together as a family! They can be taken as an individual, but these activities, including painting, song creation, learning about world music, and so much more are designed for children and their families to come together and create art and memories together. Only one registration is required per family, and families do not have to reside in the same household. Using the option for break-out rooms in Zoom, families can connect through the class virtually.
Explore Cultural Arts –These workshops are created to expose our CFCArts community to cultural diversity in the arts.

Classes & Workshops – September

Great theater is made by being present in the moment. That, at its core, is what mindfulness is. Join Central Florida Community Arts (CFCArts) Teaching Artist Garin Jones for this unique and artistic workshop grounded in mindful moments and expression. This virtual program features a blend of drama and meditation exercises that will encourage you to engage with theater in meaningful ways. You’ll begin by discussing and performing scripts, then explore a guided meditation related to the material.

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By participating in this program, you can expect to:

  • learn and practice a basic meditation.
  • analyze theatrical excerpts for deeper meaning.
  • practice theatrical exercises and basic performance techniques.

This program is presented by Garin Jones and is hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation in collaboration with CFCArts.

How to join the Zoom Program:

Upon registration for this program, you will receive two emails:

  • • One email from Eventbrite: you can either disregard this email or save it for your records. No action needed with this message.
  • One email from the Center for Health & Wellbeing: this email will contain your link to join the Zoom meeting. Simply select the link and the Zoom Meeting will launch. Please allow yourself five – 10 minutes before program start to launch Zoom and confirm your technology is properly working.

All CHWB Digital Education Programs are now presented with live captioning service. Please refer to your registration confirmation email for instructions on enabling live captions.

By participating in this program, you agree to the CHWB’s Gracious Space policy. Unless otherwise noted, all CHWB Digital Education programs hosted via Zoom are recorded and made available for on-demand viewing on If you prefer to be left out of the program’s recording, please leave your camera and microphone off for the duration of the program.

About the Program Presenter

Garin Jones has performed various roles at Disney over the last 10 years and meditated his entire adult life. Both skills have been instrumental in his growth as a partner, father and person. There’s no wrong way to meditate, unless you aren’t having fun. That’s why he loves this blend of theater and mindfulness. It’s an opportunity to explore how everything can be meditation and how that fact can enrich your experience.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Welcome to Flamenco, Compas, Zapateo, Braceos (Rhythm, Footwork, Arms movements).

In this Intro to Flamenco Class you will experience the the building blocks of this passioned dance and beautiful art form. You will immerse yourself in hand and arm movements, posture, technique, and footwork while practicing to the Tango Flamenco rhythm. Get inspired, bring your passion, dance Flamenco and Olé!

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Celebrando el Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Bienvenidos a Flamenco, Compas, Zapateo, Braceos (Ritmo, Footwork, Movimientos de Brazos).

En esta clase de introducción a flamenco, experimente los componentes básicos de este baile apasionado y hermosa forma de arte. Te sumérjase en el compás, el zapateo, los braceos, la postura, y la técnica mientras practica el ritmo del Tango Flamenco. ¡Inspírate, trae tu pasión, baila Flamenco y Olé!

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Classes & Workshops – October

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Join Tatiana Woolrich for a 60 minute workshop on the life and art of Frida Kahlo. The presentation will go chronologically through events in Kahlo’s life that inspired her to paint and provide a new perspective for the appreciation of her work.

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Celebrando el Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Únase con Tatiana Woolrich en un taller de 60 minutos sobre la vida y el arte de Frida Kahlo. La presentación recorrerá eventos cronológicos de la vida de Kahlo que la inspiraron a pintar y brindarán una nueva perspectiva para la apreciación de su trabajo.

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

In this project, students will learn about the Day of the Dead and the use of niches in Mexican culture. The day of the dead is a beautiful celebration on November 2nd; it is believed that at night, the people that died will return to celebrate a reunion with their families. Houses and cemeteries are decorated with flowers, items and food that dead family members used to like when they were alive. Niches are folk art originally used to honor saints, and they have a recessed space with a sculpture or a photo. Students will use elements of both traditions to create their own personal memory of a loved one.

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Supplies Needed:

  • Download Templates, print and cut. (Please have templates cut before the class)
  • Regular Size Cereal Box (Painted on the outside with white acrylic paint, to help cover
    the pictures and letters of the cereal box)
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Photo of a loved one that want to be remembered on the Day of the Dead. (4” x 6” is
  • 2 sheets of tissue paper, different bright colors (to create flowers)
  • Tape
  • Double sided tape (glue dots, hot glue or regular glue can be used too)
  • Regular all purpose white glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Black or dark color sharpie marker
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic paints (white, black, and several bright colors like magenta, cerulean, yellow,
    orange, aquamarine, red, royal blue)
  • Flat paint brush (not too big)
  • Round paint brush (Not too thick)
  • Toothpick or skewer (to paint details)
  • 2 Paper or foam plates
  • Cup with water (to clean brushes)
  • Paper towels or an old rag to clean work area and brushes.

Celebrando el Mes de la Herencia Hispana

En este proyecto, los estudiantes aprenderán sobre el Día de Muertos y el uso de nichos en la cultura mexicana. El día de los muertos es una hermosa celebración el 2 de noviembre; Se cree que por la noche, las personas fallecidas regresarán para celebrar un reencuentro con sus familias. Las casas y los cementerios están decorados con flores, artículos y alimentos que solían gustar a los familiares muertos cuando estaban vivos. Los nichos son arte popular que originalmente se usaba para honrar a los santos y tienen un espacio empotrado con una escultura o una foto. Los estudiantes usarán elementos de ambas tradiciones para crear su propia memoria personal de una persona querida.

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Suministros necesarios:

  • Descarga Plantillas, imprime y corta. (Por favor, corte las plantillas antes de la clase)
  • Caja de cereales de tamaño normal (pintada en el exterior con pintura acrílica blanca, para ayudar a cubrir
    las imágenes y letras de la caja de cereal)
  • Rollo de papel de baño
  • Foto de una persona querida que quiere ser recordado en el Día de Muertos. (4 “x 6” es
  • 2 hojas de papel de seda, de diferentes colores brillantes (para crear flores)
  • Cinta
  • Cinta de doble cara (también se pueden usar puntos de pegamento, pegamento termofusible o pegamento normal)
  • Pegamento blanco común para todo uso
  • Tijeras
  • Engrapadora
  • Marcador sharpie de color negro u oscuro
  • Lápiz
  • Pinturas acrílicas (blanco, negro y varios colores brillantes como magenta, cerúleo, amarillo,
    naranja, aguamarina, rojo, azul real)
  • Cepillo de pintura plano (no demasiado grande)
  • Cepillo de pintura redonda (no demasiado gruesa)
  • Palillo o brocheta (para pintar detalles)
  • 2 platos de papel o espuma
  • Taza con agua (para limpiar cepillos)
    Toallas de papel o un trapo viejo para limpiar el área de trabajo y los cepillos.