Current Audition Opportunities

CFCArts Theatre is now auditioning for “Rachel,” by Angelina Grimke, directed by Jayssa Williams. 


Auditions are due Friday, April 16 at 5pm. Should you receive a callback, they will take place on April 17-18 via zoom. You will be emailed your callback time upon the news you’ve received one. 

For your audition, please prepare two contrasting monologues from published plays (please avoid using monologues from film or tv, they will not be accepted). One monologue must be from a contemporary play (any play from 1967 and after) and one monologue must be from a classical play (any play from 1920 and before). 

All roles are available and unpaid. This is a non-union audition. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or curiosities, please contact:


  • MRS. MARY LOVING, a widow. – 40s-50s. Black. Head of household, wise, hard working and nurturing. Through her old age she is the foundation of her family
  • RACHEL LOVING, her daughter. – 20s-30s. Black. Free thinking and educated woman who has an unconditional love for children and suffers internally 
  • THOMAS LOVING, her son. – 20s-30s. Black. Joyful jokester who struggles with the reality of the racial climate.
  • JOHN STRONG, a friend of the family. – 20s-30s. Black. A charming and kind hearted soul who pushes for positivity during hard times.
  • MRS. LANE, a caller. – 40s-50s. Black. Strong and protective mother.
  • ETHEL LANE, her daughter. – 20s-30s. Black. A timid young girl stricken with fear.

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