The School of Performing Arts offers group classes in several areas including voice, dance, and acting. Group classes are an affordable alternative to private lessons and often give the student the chance to work with a group and develop confidence onstage and as a performer. Students are encouraged to try something new each season!

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Violin Class

• Group classes are offered on a seasonal basis (Spring, Summer, and Fall) and typically run for 8-12 weeks.

• Non-Performance based classes are open to any students in the designated age range.

• Performance-based classes may have a prerequisite for joining the class and will culminate the season with a performance showcase.

Spring 2016 Group Class Catalog

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Spring 2016 Group Class Catalog
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Justin Class

The CFCArts School of Performing Arts is a great place to express and explore your talents and passions. The teachers are super friendly and experienced. I look forward to my voice lesson; it’s one of my favorite times of the week!
Malika Mami, Voice Student
Working with Dr. Michael Foster has helped me expand my range and have better control of my breathing and the sound I am able to produce. It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Foster who is both patient and fun to work with.
John Pedicone, Voice Student