Success Stories from CFCArts Students and Parents!


In the last 8 months my 5 kids have taken advantage of CFCArts’ outstanding instructional programs in theatre, song, dance and videography. I have personally watched the sessions and have found disciplined, yet considerate, instructors. These folks are drawn from highly qualified professionals in our Orlando community. The quality of instruction is nothing less than excellent. My kids are aged 9 to 14 – not easy ages for highly qualified arts professionals to work with – yet my kids eagerly go to their sessions and enjoy being with their teachers. Very reasonable prices, great management staff and tremendously qualified instructors have created a rare arts asset right here in the center of our community.
Thomas Wilson
What I like about CFCArts is that I can go learn more about music.
Alyssa, age 5
I love the school because it makes taking lessons affordable and therefore possible for me. My instructor is very qualified and she has made such a difference in my singing. She pushes me, but at the same time she is so loving and positive.
Brenda Lutter
Central Florida Community Arts is by far one of the best schools in the area! I have been so privileged to find this gem! From the moment you walk in you can tell that everyone is just genuinely passionate about what they do and they do it with pride. I’ve been fortunate to take lessons from an amazing teacher who honestly cares about me and my future in music and wants to see me grow and succeed. I always leave the school with lifted spirits as I am surrounded positive people. I am so grateful for this organization!
Paula Martinez
The CFCArts School of Performing Arts is a great place to express and explore your talents and passions. The teachers are super friendly and experienced. I look forward to my voice lesson; it’s one of my favorite times of the week!
Malika Mami
Working with Dr. Michael Foster has helped me expand my range and have better control of my breathing and the sound I am able to produce. It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Foster who is both patient and fun to work with.
John Pedicone
The school is run very professionally by a top-notch staff. My teacher is encouraging, warm and a real talent herself. She has helped boost my confidence immeasurably. I highly recommend the CFCArts school to anyone who wants a positive, enriching learning experience at a terrific value.
Wendy Derrow
Having had other vocal training, Erin Nygard shines as the best instructor I have ever had. She is professional, patient, supportive, and very inspirational. I would recommend Erin to anyone who wants to learn to sing well!
Kathy Kell

I truly love coming to the school for my lessons! I can’t express to you enough what this organization means to me. To be able to express myself this way with all these wonderful singers is a dream come true for me. It has deepened my creative side and enriched my life in so many ways!
Ashleigh Pfluger
CFCArts has served as an amazing outlet for me to not only pursue my passion for performing, but also to learn more about how to improve my vocal skills. Erin is an amazing instructor who has helped stretch my vocal range tremendously over the course of such a short amount of time! Thanks to CFCArts, Central Florida is much more musical!
Amanda Breivogel
I have had a positive experience with the school all around…I am always greeted with a smiling, warm face by whoever is there, and the atmosphere has always been safe and encouraging. The school has been a great addition to the CFCArts community and I can’t wait to see the many ways it will grow. Thank you and I feel so lucky to have these opportunities!
Marlene Schaus
I was really nervous for my first voice lesson but my teacher, Rachael Rutherford, was so nice and she made me feel comfortable right away. I learn a lot at my lessons and now I’m not nervous singing in front of people.
Abbie Brown
We just love CFCommunity Arts! Everyone is friendly and gets to know all the kids on a first name basis. The classes and rehearsals are well organized and professional. Our son’s piano instructor, Laura Wilcox, has been wonderful. She is gentle but encouraging and so positive. Noah loves his lessons and looks forward to them each week. Thanks to all the folks at CFCArts that has made our experience so positive!
Robyn Fodor
Upon first meeting Rallia Gettings, I knew she was going to take my singing to the next level(s). She just has that star mentor energy. Rallia is very professional and her AMAZING voice SLAYS me!! I have immensely enjoyed working with her and am so excited for every lesson. One thing that stands out is, at our first lesson, she asked what my goals were. I think this is SO important. I consistently feel challenged and she’s constantly breaking down my walls.
Sabrina Jones
I am overjoyed that I “stumbled” upon CFCArts’ School of Performing Arts! After moving back to Orlando, I was on a search for affordable vocal lessons, as well as a vocal instructor that I could connect with. My vocal instructor, Erin Nygard, is a perfect match for me with her skills, kindness, talent, and total professionalism. I would highly recommend CFCArts’ School of Performing Arts for a myriad of reasons…great Youth program, fun workshops, professional team of people, and numerous ways to get involved performing in the community!
Michelle Carroll