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The Central Florida Community Arts’ Symphony Orchestra Present

2015 Season


Feb 20—21    


June 12—13    
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Stay “tuned” for more information on the 2015 Season!

Join Music Director and Principal Conductor Justin Muchoney as the Central Florida Community Arts Symphony Orchestra begins its fourth season. The 2015 season promises to be one to remember as the orchestra explores new territory with themes including Love Song and Colors.

For more information about the Central Florida Community Arts Symphony Orchestra please contact orchestra@cfcommunityarts.com.

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Looking to make music with us? That’s great!

From amateurs to professionals, our orchestra is about music and the love of playing. Anyone 16 and older is welcome, just fill out an application and join us at rehearsal! If you play regularly or are simply looking for a place to restart after years away from your instrument, we welcome you to join us!

More information is available on the Orchestra Membership page.